Thursday, December 1, 2011

DJ Amazin A

I'd like to take a minute to show some love for my friend and band-mate of three years, DJ Amazin A. This is a sample track he created for the EKLECTIK party coming up tomorrow night on December 2nd.

DJ Amazin A - Eklectic Mix December 2011, presented by Lady Zombie and Lady Nyx by dj amazin a

DJ Amazin A - Photo by Adrian Buckmaster
DJ Amazin A and I have worked together since 12/2008, creating a lot of original music with DEVIANT TRUST and LADY ZOMBIE (solo project) - check out tunes here:, and even collaborating on music with other bands such as Limousine Syndrome. He's a talented DJ, beat creator and mixer, with incredible production skills - not to mention he also plays violin, keys and drums. He is the Resident DJ at the bi-monthly event EKLECTIK that I produce and host with Lady Nyx here in New York City. Check out DJ Amazin A... you'll never be disappointed, and he'll keep your body moving on the dance floor all night long.

Here is the link to his website:

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