Monday, November 28, 2011

In Loving Memory of Jeniviva Mia

Jeniviva and I are front center.
In Loving Memory 

This post is exclusive to honor the memory of my fallen friend, Jeniviva Mia, who passed away tragically on November 19th in a car accident.

Jeni was a glorious, world renowned Gothic Belly-dancer. I had the honor and privilege of studying the art of Bellydance with her for over a year. She was an incredible, passionate instructor, who touched our lives. As a dancer, she traveled the globe, sharing her gifts and talents with everyone she came across. You could not be in her presence without smiling. An angel on earth, we shall never forget her. Even through the pain of her loss, we can smile, remember and cherish her memory. Rest in peace, darling - until we dance together again.

Here is a video of one of her last astounding solo performances:

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