Monday, December 2, 2013

Mia Tyler's KINK at DEJA VU in Miami

Here is the OFFICIAL invitation to KINK presented by Mia Tyler for Art Basel 2013 at DeJa Vu Gallery in Miami! RSVP listed on this promo - the opening night reception is Friday, December 6th at 7pm! Come see the incredible photos of me and Scarlett (a photo of us is used here in the flyer, and will be one of our images displayed at the show!), Jewel Blunt, and many others! #KINK

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lady Zombie emcees the TYPE O NEGATIVE party tonight!

Tonight at 11pm in NYC, the City of Dark Angels ultimate Goth Tribute party - TYPE O NEGATIVE! And Lady Zombie is your Emcee of the evening, Say her name at the door! 21+... $10 before Midnight! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lady Zombie in the new "Funkyshima" Mike Rimbaud MUSIC VID

Check out Lady Zombie dancing and playing bass in Mike Rimbaud's new video "FUNKYSHIMA"

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sex & Politics - Heather Height interviews Lady Zombie (WBCR) 10.24.13

Heather Height interviews Lady Zombie on Brooklyn College Radio during her "Sex Spot" segment on the weekly show, Sex & Politics. We discuss BDSM, burlesque, fetish, therianthropes, and so much more. Phil Rosenberg and David Harris interject with some witty (and probing - giggity) comments throughout. While listening, enjoy a sexy slideshow of photos of Heather and Lady Zombie!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lady Zombie sings "Twilight Zone" at Kitty Nights (Ali Fangsmith's Spankings)

Lady Zombie is the special guest host at The Kitty Nights Halloween Spooktacular! She sings her tribute to The Manhattan Transfers "Twilight Zone, Twilight Tone" and then gives Ali Fangsmith his birthday spankings!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RETRO KITTY SWIM Fashion Show at DANCES OF VICE Rockabilly Night Market

NEW VIDEO! Lady Zombie and friends model in the Retro Kitty Swim fashion show at the July 4th Dances of Vice "Rockabilly Night Market" at SRB Brooklyn.

Lady Zombie sings "The Bloodletting" featuring Scarlett at HUSH 5.24.13

NEW VIDEO! Lady Zombie performs "The Bloodletting" featuring Scarlett Vixen at HUSH, Jewel Blunt's party in Brooklyn.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith's Honeymoon: GothCruise On Ice! (August 2013...

New Video! Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith’s Honeymoon: GothCruise On Ice! (Grab some popcorn, this is a long one! ^_^)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dia De Los Muertos Poker Game

Left to Right - Conchita Blaq, Venus Pain, Lady Zombie - Photographer: Michelle Wild

VIDEO - Lady Zombie flogging at #KINK - Brooklyn Wildlife party in August

Sexy video from the Brooklyn Wildlife KINK party on August 2nd. Check out Lady Zombie flogging some booties (as always).


Thursday, September 5, 2013

ZOMBIESQUE - The "Daddy" Fundraiser


Saturday, September 28 @ 10pm... Lady Zombie presents her ALL NEW MULTIMEDIA party: ZOMBIESQUE (held at Saints & Sinners - 10 East 39th St, b/t 5th Av & Madison Av, NYC).

The cast of  Honi Harlow's upcoming comedic horror play "DADDY" (formerly known as "LADY DRACULA") bring to you a seductive evening of live music, art, burlesque, fetish & bellydance!

Starring: Honi Harlow, Mistress La Morta, Lady Zombie, and Mistress Sasha Dolore! Also Featuring Subculture Guest Stars: Danse dE Sade, Marilyn Mansfield, and DJ Fatal Royale!

When you leave your $10 donation with our gateway goddess Scarlett, glamorous guests (21+ with ID) will spend the evening being inundated with the BEST UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT!

███▓▒░░ LIVE PERFORMANCES░░▒▓███

Your emcee & Mistress of Ceremonies, Lady Zombie, will take you through the night and our enchanting array of talent...

► DJ Fatal will be spinning darkwave, 80s, rock, industrial & more to keep our bodies moving all night.
► Mistress Sasha, formerly of the Mystical Hips Tribe, performs a Gothic Bellydance tribute to the late Jeniviva Mia.
► Mistress La Morta displays erotic and devastating S&M with a submissive.
► Honi Harlow, the Woman with the Voice that Teases & the Body that Sings, showcases a new musical, burlesque act of passion and transformation.

███▓▒░░ FEATURED ARTISTS ░░▒▓███

► Blonde bombshell Marilyn Mansfield will be showcasing some of her new reborn babies, and you can talk about adopting one of your own!
► Mistress Sasha will be featuring photos and samples from her new line of jewelry & accessories : "Correctile Dysfashion" - Contrived Distinction.

███▓▒░░ RAFFLES & MORE ░░▒▓███

Stage manager Veronyka Herring will be selling one raffle ticket for $3, and two for $5.

► Marilyn Mansfield will be raffling off one of her creations. You will have a chance to win a mini-zombie baby of your very own!
► The cast of "Daddy" will be raffling off two VIP tickets to the opening night of the play (valued at $25).
► Danse DeSade (Hard Rock, Proto-punk, Glam / Goth / Psychedelic) "Sex, Satan, Baroque & Roll!" meet & greet - listening party! (Rough Cuts) get your rough-cuts CDs, stickers, cards, buttons!

WHAT TO WEAR? There is no set theme, however we FULLY ENCOURAGE you to express yourself! Some options to consider may include: Cabaret, Zombies, Fetish, Glam Rock, Vampires, Creative Costume... there is a minimum of Stylish All Black requested, so the photos look all purrty. ^_^

¸¸.•*¨*•♫ All proceeds from this installation of ZOMBIESQUE will go to directly to the production and theater fees of making "Daddy" a reality! This supernatural, sexy and hilarious theater phenomena will arrive this Winter to a NYC stage near you! Stay tuned! ♫•*¨*•.¸¸

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Notice: Away On Honeymoon

PUBLIC NOTICE: Ali's Savage Traits - Custom Fangs & SFX & Lady Zombie will be away on our honeymoon vacation from August 22 - September 1, 2013. We will ~ understandably  ~ be completely unreachable via phone, text & email.

We will be returning to work Tuesday, September 3rd. Any requests for S&M sessions, custom fangs, questions about events, booking information, etc., will be dealt with immediately upon our return.

Please be patient, as our responses to the hundreds of messages that will come in while we are away will take some time. Halloween season is right around the corner, so stay tuned, and we will surely see you soon!


Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lady Zombie's Bachlorette Night (4.19.13)

New Video from Lady Zombie's Bachlorette Bash in New York City! Enjoy, share, like and subscribe to my channel! Love my girls so much!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lady Zombie + Justin Symbol - Emergence (LIVE MUSIC)

Lady Zombie & Justin Symbol perform 'EMERGENCE' live at Bushwick Art and Shipping, Inc., off of LZ's upcoming album! Lyrics by LZ, music by Justin Symbol, video by Christina 'X-Girl' Manis! Thanks for a kick ass event, Jaxie Oo! Watch & Listen, Share Widely! <3 p="">

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lady Zombie hosts & sings at VVYNL Knitting Factory, Lexelle's Birthday (2.25.13)

February 25, 2013 - Lady Zombie is the special guest hostess and songstress of the evening at VVYNL (held at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY). She performs her original songs, "Provocation" and "Dastardly Behavior," and with the audience sings Happy Birthday to the VVYNL's producer, Danielle Lexelle. And then, for the first time in public, she performs the premiere of her all new single "Elemental." of the album Erotic Damnation (from Lady Zombie - The Deviant Trust Project). Also, a surprise message from Lady Zombie, outside of Knitting Factory!

Video filmed by: Ali Fangsmith. Edited by: Lady Zombie.
Intro/Outtro music: Lexelle "Done"
Check out Lady Zombie's original music:

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sugar & Spikes fashion show Saturday at the Urban Tattoo Convention in Brooklyn

Sugar & Spikes fashion show Saturday at the Urban Tattoo Convention in Brooklyn, NY - New article by NY Goth Culture Examiner, Lady Zombie.

Read the details here:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Vampire Harlem Shake with Lady Zombie, Ali Fangsmith and Lola Bastinado ...

This is HILARIOUS! An impromptu VAMPIRE HARLEM SHAKE at a photoshoot with Lady Zombie, Ali Fangsmith and Lola Bastinado. :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Lady Zombie hosts & sings at Kitty Nights "Wild Kingdom" 1.20.13

January 20, 2013 - Lady Zombie is the special guest hostess and songstress of the evening at Kitty Nights "Wild Kingdom." After a hilarious rant about a former lover, she performs her original song, "Something Animal" off of the album Erotic Damnation.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith's Wedding

Photos by Adrian Buckmaster
On Sunday, May 19th, 2013, Lady Zombie and Ali Fangsmith were married!

Read all about it here, on their Offbeat Bride feature:

This is our Flickr album:

And here is our wedding photographer's touching coverage of the event:

Photo by: Angie Gaul (Milestone Images)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lady Zombie listed in the Worldwide Mistress Guide

I’ve been listed in on the Daily Domination News section of the World Wide Mistress Guide!

I am Lady Zombie – an intense, curvy, intellectual and vicious Goddess / Dominatrix of New York City. I am a lifestyle Dominant, and I have practiced Domination/Fantasy Fetish /Roleplay/BDSM professionally for over 8 years.

When you contact ME, we will discuss your fantasies, fetishes and experience so that I can determine what your interests are and the best type of session for you. I may ask you for references. This is not to invade your privacy, but to protect myself. I am a very demanding MISTRESS. I am cruel and compassionate. I desire and expect MY every wish to be fulfilled. I will push your limits (within reason), because I want you to explore the depths of your kink with ME.
Who should contact ME: Masochists, pain sluts, sissies, kinksters, bondage enthusiasts, true submissives, Goddess worshipers, foot fetishists, puppies, maids, ashtrays, mummies, submissive couples, couples interested in a Kink Facilitator, open-minded individuals curious about pushing their limits, and many more! Novices are welcome. I am NEVER a submissive. Do NOT ask for this. Our playtime will be safe, sane and consensual. I expect for us both to enjoy our time together.
Some of MY areas of expertise include: SISSY TRAINING (I am all WOMAN, a voluptuous authoritarian, and I will teach you to be a real LADY, the best sissy bitch you can be!); FOOT FETISHES (foot worship, shoe & boot worship, extreme smelly foot worship/sniffing, trampling, etc.); CORPORAL PUNISHMENT (you will know fear and punishment at MY hands, your will beg ME for mercy… an unforgettable experience at the hands of a skilled MISTRESS!); S&M ROLE PLAY (I can be the cop, the doctor/nurse, the school teacher, the tyrant, the mother, the vampire, the girl next door, the evil secretary and many more); BONDAGE (ropes, mummification, cuffs, new & interesting ties, predicament bondage); WAX PLAY, FLOGGING, SPANKINGS and MANY MORE kinds of S&M PLAY as well. If your interest is not listed here, contact ME to discuss your particular fetish or session interest.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photos: Lady Zombie dominates the Coney Island Gala 2013 in Webster Hall

Photos: Lady Zombie dominates the Coney Island Gala 2013 in Webster Hall

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in New York presents 'Shoe Obsession' - by: Lady Zombie

Janina Alleyne’s “Exoskeleton”

A new exhibit has opened at The Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in New York called 'Shoe Obsession', running now through April 13th.

Fashionistas, fetishists and subculture enthusiasts alike will marvel at the vast showcase of over 150 pairs of shoe styles ranging from the extraordinary and avant-garde to shoes from the personal collections of haute couture icons including Daphne Guinness. 'Shoe Obsession' also features styles from many of the major fashion houses such as Azzedine AlaïaGivenchyAlexander McQueen, and Prada.

Click here to read more:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Lady Zombie is mentioned in this wonderful review by French blogger Le Deblocnot for my participation on the new Mike Rimbaud rock album "Night Rainbow."

Read it here:

Le Deblocnot': MIKE RIMBAUD "RAINBOW TONIGHT" (2013) par ROCKIN-J... 

Back to New York City retrouver le poète rocker Mike Rimbaud qui nous revient avec son nouvel album sous le bras. Pour en savoir plus su...

Buy the album here:

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fan Love

On Monday night for VVYNL at The Knitting Factory Brooklyn, I met some fans of my work and music. They sent me this screen shot from their earlier conversation, and it really made me feel great.

Much love to R & C! Thank you both for the support.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Rainbow Tonight" new music video featuring Lady Zombie, Scarlett & Jewel!

Check out Lady Zombie, Scarlett, and Jewel Blunt dancing in Mike Rimbaud's NEW music video "Rainbow Tonight" filmed at the Slipper Room in New York City, February 2013.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lady Zombie VS Hurricane Sandy (NEW VIDEO)


Lady Zombie VERSUS Hurricane Sandy, featuring the pin-up Starlet Scarlett, filmed at Otto's Shrunken Head in New York City for Darren Deicide's event, "A Night of Music, Magic & Mischief!"

11.10.12 - Lady Zombie versus Hurricane Sandy is a comedic, theatrical fetish performance featuring Pin-Up Starlet 'Scarlett'. They tell a story that asks a question, "What would YOU do to Hurricane Sandy if she were a real person?" See the dramatic ending! Presented at Darren Deicide's event, "A Night of Music, Magic & Mischief" at Otto's Shrunken Head in New York City. MATURE VIEWERS ONLY, PLEASE - IT'S ALL IN GOOD FUN!

Featuring Music by:
~The Temptations "I've Got Sunshine"
~Slayer "Reign in Blood"
~The Scorpions "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
~The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun"

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Monday, February 11, 2013

VVNYL 2/25/13 - Hosted by Lady Zombie

9PM - 3AM

LADY ZOMBIE joins weekly dance party VVNYL at THE KNITTING FACTORY in BROOKLYN as they enter their 40th successful week. With Lady Zombie joining this week AS SPECIAL GUEST HOSTESS and PERFORMER, this will certainly be a VVNYL installation like none other before!


There is so much to celebrate as VVNYL turns 40 weeks old, Danielle turns 2#%^* years younger, and Lexelle turns 3! The party will start early, with LIVE PERFORMANCES, DJs, DRAG QUEENS, DRINK SPECIALS, and a huge dance floor for you to DANCE, do CARTWHEELS, or FALL all over! Plenty of SURPRISES in store!

Event info:

RSVP on Facebook:

Lady Zombie
Lady Zombie

Lady Zombie is a notorious Mistress of All Trades born, raised and based in the concrete jungle of New York City. She is a published fetish/alternation/fashion/art model, a published writer of several notable blogs and articles, the lead singer/lyricist of the band Deviant Trust, an independent recording artist, film actress, practicing Dominatrix/Goddess and also the Hostess of several rock, Gothic and S&M events in the New York City tri-state area.

She knows no boundaries and has explored virtually all avenues of the local and global underground community as a Visual & Performance Artiste, Activist, Philanthropist, Traveler, Supporter of Indulgence, Lover of the Unusual, Seeker of Knowledge and Connoisseur of Life.

And what does this cruel, compassionate vixen... this voluptuous, decadent, woman of the night... New York City's own... the one and only, Lady Zombie... have to say for herself?

"A dark, consuming passion burns eternally within the depths of my eyes. Can you see it there? Prepare to have your very life-force rocked to its core." - Lady Zombie

Her world is one of pain, pleasure & sin... if you can take it, come on in!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RIP Trinity Black

Trinity Black (also known as Trinity Infinity) always showed Ali and I the utmost respect, either in the clubs or in our home when she was over getting fangs made. We are truly shocked and saddened by the news of her unexpected passing on Sunday morning.

We hope that in her eternal rest, she finds the peace that so often eludes us in life. Sweet dreams, darlin'.

Her memorial page:

A tribute to her fierce nature, and also to her softer side, that only a few of us ever had the privilege of experiencing. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Elizabeth Valleau's "The Viewer"

 Early press for "THE VIEWER" is now available. 

"The Viewer" is an experience of remote voyeurism. It stretches the thread between object and observer between time and space, encouraging both parties to confront their notions of objectification. It's prurient time travel - a conversation that can never be fully completed, and which is therefore, wholly raw and truthful." - artist/creator: Elizabeth Valleau

Lady Zombie and her fiance, Ali Fangsmith, participated in this project at the end of 2012, and are so excited to see the final product. Here are some production photos from their segments:

Monday, January 14, 2013

New York City's own Jordannah Elizabeth performs tonight at Goodbye Blue Monday

A new article by the New York Goth Culture Examiner, Lady Zombie:

"New York City's own Jordannah Elizabeth performs tonight at Goodbye Blue Monday

Share widely, friends! 


POSTPONEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT! Dear EKLECTIK guests, performers and family,

We have recently been informed that as of 2013, Times Scare has increased their fees and bar-guarantees for outside events tremendously to unforeseen, unattainable rates (several thousand dollars higher) that we simply cannot hope to achieve. Sadly, we were given this information just a few short weeks from our expected event date. Thus, we have to postpone EKLECTIK while we hunt for a new, gorgeous home that will not price us out and also accepts us, our macabre individuality, eclectic style and myriad talents.

All those booked for the 10th installation as performer, artist and staff WILL be automatically re-hired for the next EKLECTIK upon confirmation of their availability when we have secured our new venue and date. (We are hoping to be able to resume by the first Friday of March or April, to keep with our bi-monthly schedule). So, as saddened as we are to miss a date, we expect to continue growing - bigger, better and more extreme! Please stay tuned.

Your Loving & Witchy Hostesses / Producers,

Lady Zombie & Lady Nyx

PS - Contact or

Monday, January 7, 2013

MUSIC VIDEO "Sandy Must Be Crazy" by Mike Rimbaud (guest vox Lady Zombie)

"Sandy Must Be Crazy" by Mike Rimbaud
Featuring Guest Vox by Lady Zombie
and Dancer, Miss Southern Comfort

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sandy Must Be Crazy

Check out "Sandy Must Be Crazy" by Mike Rimbaud

featuring guest vocals by Lady Zombie!