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Lady Zombie mentioned in NY PRESS article by Gerry Visco

VULCANIS LEVI - Photo by: Gerry Visco

Bash Compactor: Cutting It Up
Article By Gerry Visco

Photo by Gerry Visco.

PUBLISHED by NY PRESS - Original Article:

The word “vivisection” means experimental surgery conducted on live animals and other organisms, and human vivisection has been perpetrated as a form of torture. Ugh! Let’s face it, not too appetizing. However, none of that violence was in evidence last week when I attended the party called ViVisection. Even better, it was held at The Laugh Lounge on the Lower East Side. No, there weren’t actually that many laughs, but there was plenty of fashion and sexy scenesters.

A fashion show was being held downstairs with models displaying lots of Summer Flesh, the subtitle of this party. Many of the 10 or so contestants (who were both male and female with all different body types), were decked out in black, but there were definitely bright colors sprinkled in, accessorized by decorative face markings, dyed dreads and eerie white contact lenses. The fashions were supplied by the notorious evangelist of latex, the Baroness, as well as designer Isabelle Batz, who was showcasing her glitz and glam casualwear.

Little colorful hats were provided by Venus Alers, who makes headgear under the name Mad Hatter. She was in the show herself, wearing a magenta wig with a flowered headdress and a black satin corset, accentuated by exotic makeup. “My mother won,” she told me after the show was over. “Her name’s Iris.” Like mother, like daughter. The two resembled one another, both curvy figured, and the mother was wearing a similar outfit in black.

What’s always surprising in the dark and goth scene is you’d expect people to be cold and standoffish, but au contraire, wearing punk and vampire freak attire keeps ’em friendly. For example, bubbly nightlife personality Lindsay Lowe, a judge, was decorated like a toy shop, in pinks and yellows, with numerous child-like costume jewelry hanging from her every surface.

“How do you decide what to wear?” I asked the host and party producer, Vulcanus Lévi, a dandy who’s normally attired in a costume made of peacock feathers when I see him at parties around town, in particular On Top at Le Bain. Tonight was no exception, but instead of his usual green and turquoise plumage, tonight he was decked out in white feathers with white face makeup. “I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and recreate my dreams,” he told me with the hint of an accent.

He was standing with Celso, another of the judges, who herself was dressed elegantly in black. Party animal and performer Kayvon Zand was seated in the lounge, wearing black feathers and one of the shades missing from his sunglasses. All in black with a chain hanging from her nose, Kim De’ville was speaking to her admirers in the lounge. Although the paintings were impressionistic and fractured mixed media paintings, they matched her pose and mood. “Happy birthday,” said a few friends coming by to kiss her.

After a couple of gin and tonics, carefully stepping over the human carpet at the bar, I said a few parting words to a woman dressed in Marie Antoinette drag, with a white peruke wig and gold satin ensemble, who handed me her card. Her name was LadyZombie, a professional singer, model, dominatrix and writer. I read aloud her fitting quote. “A dark, consuming passion burns eternally within the depths of my eyes. Prepare to have your very life force rocked to its core.” I wasn’t sure about my life force, but I definitely was thinking about buying some new clothes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Events Line-Up!!!

Friday, August 19 @ 10PM - 4AM
SUBSPACE "Night of the Living Dead Dolls"
Lucky Cheng's (24 First Avenue, off of First Street, New York City)

ID is a MUST. $6 before 11PM dressed as your favorite LIVING DEAD DOLL or with an official New Goth City "R.I.P. pin" / $10 all night for our guests 21+ / $15 all night for our guests 18 - 20 years of age. Dress Code: THEME [LIVING DEAD DOLLS - for ideas: http://www.livingdeaddolls​.com/], Fetish, Gothic

Your Host & Hostess: Dire Wolf & Lady Zombie []

DJ Grave - DJ Nick Diablo ( - DJ Gunnie - DJ 5witcH.HitteR. vs Star (Disturbance Unit Productions)


Special performance: VENUS PAIN

FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY to Xris Smack's STIMULATE on 8/20/11:


Also featuring:
*PIERCINGS BY: Don Vamp [] - Prices May Vary!
*CUSTOM FANGS BY: Ali's Savage Traits [http://www.EmbraceYourHung​] - $40/single sets all night!
*VELVET ROPE & VIOLET WAND PLAY BY: Gentleman Joker - No charge for the respectable, the polite, the interested, the adventurous, and the KINKY attendees of the SUBSPACE fetish night.
*CUSTOM LEATHER BY: Lethal Wear - Prices May Vary!
*UV Nails Designs by Jexxx "So What Society"


SUBSPACE is a NYC Fetish event, created in 2009 by Gunnie Divinity's Babylon Entertainment, in cooperation with Dire Wolf and Lady Zombie. We aim to bring you the best in THEMED fetish events with a delicious industrial, Gothic flair and room for any creatures of the underworld. Join in the debauchery... indulge in the decadence... come out & play... express your delights and creativity... get lost in the ambiance... dance the night away... at SUBSPACE.

Saturday, August 20 @ 5PM - sundown (approx 10PM)
The New Jersey Premiere of "The Cocaine Song" music video
The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery (435 Newark Avenue, Jersey City NJ)
Cover: $ donation - all proceeds go to the Cemetery

Ever Reviled Records, Haze Inc., LaGunitas Brewery, and Historical Harsimus Cemetery presents!

Join us for a unique night in one of New Jersey's most infamous
historical landmarks that has been featured in Weird NJ, The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery!

Including live music performances by:
Darren Deicide
Crazy and the Brains
David Fagan
Greg Greg Pocketful
Charles Herold

Also a sultry and seductive performance by Lady Zombie and her carnal cohorts! And a special guest appearance by the star of the video, Marilyn Mansfield!

And then as the sun goes down, we cap the night with a screening of
"The Cocaine Song" music video on a projected screen right in beautiful Harsimus Cemetery!

Also at the event will be Old Nick Magazine, LaGunitas Brewery, Naughty Bits, and The Distillery Gallery & Artspace!
LaGunitas Pilsner and IPA will be available for a donation.

5pm until sundown. Show costs a donation, and all proceeds go to historical Harsimus Cemetery

For more information or directions, contact

Thursday, August 25 @ 10PM - 4AM
Personal Orgasm View (P.O.V.) "Hellraiser"
Karma Lounge (51 First Avenue, between East 3rd & East 4th Streets, New York City)

Door Tribute: $6 before 11PM in THEME ATTIRE / $10 all night afterwards / Valid ID is a MUST (we scan): 21+
Suggested Attire: HELLRAISER Theme (Gothic & Kink Scene Attire Welcome) BE CREATIVE!!! Cenobites, chains, hooks, blood, gore, long vinyl and leather coats, odd piercings and scarifications on display, latex, leather, bondage … you’ve seen the films, you know what we mean! ♥

Hosted by: Lady Zombie -
Special Guest Co-Host: Aardvark (The All New Brain Eaters Show)-



~Hellraiser theme Performance art by Aardvark ****Aardvark VS Pinhead*****
~Performance by Lady Zombie & Slave (TBA)
~Ritual Scarification by Don Vamp
~Performance by Jexxx “So What Society”

*The Scene’s Great Artists*
~Custom Fangs by Ali's Savage Traits – special price $40/classic single set - http://www.EmbraceYourHung​
~Body Piercings by Don Vamp - - Prices Vary
~Custom Leather (arm bracers, collars, masks, corsets, etc.) by Lethal Wear – Prices Vary

*Try the signature drink of the evening*
(includes Sloe Gin, Vodka, Apple Schnapps and several other yummy surprises that will f*%k you up!)

*Spinning the Sexxxy & Vicious Tunes You Crave*
~DJ Gunnie
~DJ Lilith Le Snob
~DJ Sabatoge
~DJ Grave

*Address & Directions*
Karma Lounge, 51 First Avenue between East 3rd & East 4th Street
F Train to 2nd Avenue (Lower East Side, NYC)

Email Lady Zombie or Gunnie Divinity with any questions!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Harlow's Hide-A-Way on August 14th

Sunday, August 14 @ 9PM
Harlow's Hide-A-Way
Ella Lounge (9 Avenue A, New York City)
Cover: FREE

Honi Harlow and her band of deviants bring a night of naughty & nice to Ella Lounge, showcasing the beautiful, classic, and dark side of burlesque in a way that has never been done before.

The first half of the show is in the upper lounge area. Sit, relax, be dazzled by the beauty that is Burlesque, but get ready for your ultimate demise. The second half we lure you into the basement for an experience that will leave you Tantalized, Memorized and Zombiefied! Get ready to get Flogged!

Miss Ekatarina
Velocity Chyaldd
Stormy Leather
Dame Cuchifrita
Deity Delgado
Calamity Chang
Special Appearance: Lady Zombie, Mistress La Morta, Kim De'Ville

Your Mistress for the evening: Honi Harlow

DJ Amazing A! Keeping it going all night!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lady Zombie's 25th Birthday - New Video!

Lady Zombie's 25th Birthday

August 3, 2011 - Lady Zombie turns 25 and spends the evening with her best friends at the weekly NYC Wednesday night burlesque show hosted by Honi Harlow: Nurse Bettie "Spanking the L.E.S." Watch as Honi performs, Lady Zombie gets spanked, and Mistress LaMorta plays the Dirty Martini game with the birthday girl!

August 5, 2011 - Lady Zombie & Lady Nyx host the premiere of their new event EKLECTIK at Uncle Mike's Tavern in NYC, and it's Lady Zombie's official birthday bash! L Train performs live, friends of Lady Zombie shout out love (and her government), and finally some impromptu Madonna karaoke and, of course, the hokey pokey!

Intro/Exit Melody: "Everyday is Like Sunday" - Morrissey

***All Comments Are Monitored - Please Be Respectful***

Visit [] currently featuring FREE membership and add her on Facebook [] to stay on top of all the events she is hosting, projects, performances & more!

Monday, August 1, 2011

L.Z.'s 25th B-Day Bash @ EKLECTIK on August 5th, this Friday!

Lady Nyx and Lady Zombie throw down the red carpet for...
The Premiere of EKLECTIK - An All New Bi-Monthly NYC Event!
Eklectik: A Fusion of Rock & Roll, Visual & Performance Art, and the Underground Cultures.
RSVP HERE & Invite your friends:

Friday, August 5, 2011 @ Uncle Mike's Tavern - 57 Murray Street
10PM - Until... 21+ w/ID
$5 before 11PM w/flyer or R.I.P. pin / $10 after
Respect Your Gateway Goddess of the Evening: Scarlett
Suggested attire: Rock & Roll, Scene (Goth/Fetish/Vamp), Club Kid Fabulous, Glam - We encourage your creativity!!!
[R.I.P. pin available through​/]

*Lady Zombie's 25th Birthday Celebration*

Winner receives a FREE pair of classic custom fangs by Ali's Savage Traits!

~DJ Amazin A~ Spinning Rock, Metal, 80s, Dance -
~Heather Height~ Stand-Up Comedy -
~Honi Harlow~ Burlesque -
~L Train~ Live Alternative Rock -​m/LTrainNYC

~Venus Pain Creations~ Custom Hair Falls & Accessories -
~Ali's Savage Traits~ Custom Fangs $40/single set - http://www.EmbraceYourHung​
~Sammie Eccentric~ "Get Forked" - Custom Jewelery -​ammieEccentric
~Dan Lam~ Photographer of the Evening -​e64 -​

~The Eklectik Shock Rocktail~ TBA
Well Drinks: $5 - Wine: $9 - Rolling Rock, Coors (Can): $3
Bud & Bud Light (Draft): $4 - Specialty Drinks: $9+

~Lady Nyx~​xInfo
~Lady Zombie~

***EKLECTIK was envisioned in June 2011 by Lady Nyx and Lady Zombie, and brought to fruition by their true desire to bring together a fusion of art and music in one place, where the myriad faces of our community can showcase their individuality, creativity, and talents with pride.***