Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lady Zombie hosts & sings at VVYNL Knitting Factory, Lexelle's Birthday (2.25.13)

February 25, 2013 - Lady Zombie is the special guest hostess and songstress of the evening at VVYNL (held at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY). She performs her original songs, "Provocation" and "Dastardly Behavior," and with the audience sings Happy Birthday to the VVYNL's producer, Danielle Lexelle. And then, for the first time in public, she performs the premiere of her all new single "Elemental." of the album Erotic Damnation (from Lady Zombie - The Deviant Trust Project). Also, a surprise message from Lady Zombie, outside of Knitting Factory!

Video filmed by: Ali Fangsmith. Edited by: Lady Zombie.
Intro/Outtro music: Lexelle "Done"
Check out Lady Zombie's original music:

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