Monday, January 14, 2013

New York City's own Jordannah Elizabeth performs tonight at Goodbye Blue Monday

A new article by the New York Goth Culture Examiner, Lady Zombie:

"New York City's own Jordannah Elizabeth performs tonight at Goodbye Blue Monday

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POSTPONEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT! Dear EKLECTIK guests, performers and family,

We have recently been informed that as of 2013, Times Scare has increased their fees and bar-guarantees for outside events tremendously to unforeseen, unattainable rates (several thousand dollars higher) that we simply cannot hope to achieve. Sadly, we were given this information just a few short weeks from our expected event date. Thus, we have to postpone EKLECTIK while we hunt for a new, gorgeous home that will not price us out and also accepts us, our macabre individuality, eclectic style and myriad talents.

All those booked for the 10th installation as performer, artist and staff WILL be automatically re-hired for the next EKLECTIK upon confirmation of their availability when we have secured our new venue and date. (We are hoping to be able to resume by the first Friday of March or April, to keep with our bi-monthly schedule). So, as saddened as we are to miss a date, we expect to continue growing - bigger, better and more extreme! Please stay tuned.

Your Loving & Witchy Hostesses / Producers,

Lady Zombie & Lady Nyx

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Monday, January 7, 2013

MUSIC VIDEO "Sandy Must Be Crazy" by Mike Rimbaud (guest vox Lady Zombie)

"Sandy Must Be Crazy" by Mike Rimbaud
Featuring Guest Vox by Lady Zombie
and Dancer, Miss Southern Comfort

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sandy Must Be Crazy

Check out "Sandy Must Be Crazy" by Mike Rimbaud

featuring guest vocals by Lady Zombie!