Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ending 2009 with a BANG at!!!

Greetings my sexxxy demons, friends and family,

The holiday season has been a blur of excitement so far, and it certainly does not mean that we’re [the NYC scene and I] taking any kind of break from providing you with top quality entertainment!!!

I’ve got several updates for you…

My newest interview and photo feature with FETISH CULT SIRENS is available online!
CLICK HERE or on the image above to check it out:
Also featured on Fetish Cult Sirens are my friends that you all should know: Marilyn Mansfield, Miss Juliette and more!

A recent photo shoot with Adrian was sexy and productive as ever!
Here is one of the amazing images that were captured (let me know if you’d like to see more!!!):

[Photo by Adrian. Models: Lady Zombie & Deity Delgado.]

DON’T FORGET!!! Tomorrow night, December 17th, is Personal Orgasm View 6 “The Evil Fairy Take Ball.” You’ve been with us all through 2009, so let’s end the year with a kinky BANG!!!

Babylon Entertainment Presents…

Personal Orgasm View VI
The Evil Fairy Tale Ball
An S&M Extravaganza

Hosted by: Lady Zombie

When: Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 10PM – 4AM

Where:Karma Lounge [Downstairs]
51 First Avenue [Between East 3rd and East 4th Streets]
New York City

Closest Train: F Train to 2nd Avenue

Entry Information:
$6 Cover All Night, 21+ to enter!!!
Valid ID is mandatory! [US Passport or DMV issued ID card/license]

Dress code:
FETISH or THEME attire preferred, Gothic attire welcome…
Well dressed in ALL BLACK is a minimum to enter!!!

Spinning the tunes you crave…
DJ Resurrector
DJ Grave of Death
DJ Arsenal

Esteemed Dungeon Mistress of the Evening:
Mistress LaMorta

Skin Pulling Performance by: Father Logan

Custom Fangs by: Ali’s Savage Traits
Special P.O.V. price… $40/set (2 fangs) - Single Sets Only!

Fetish Equipment Provided by:
Felix the Latex Slave

Visuals by: Bane w/Adam When

Jexxx & M.D. Present:
The P.O.V. Sex Swing!
$1 to play! $2 for private session!
What happens on the sex swing, stays on the sex swing!

Celebrating the Birthdays of:
Bella XXX Angel
Knowledge Syn

SPECIAL Ticket Giveaway to *STIMULATE on 12/19*
Check out that event info here:
[Hanzel & Gretyl are performing! Lady Zombie is a guest Dungeon Mistress!]

Please Submit Your RSVP:
On Fetlife:
On Going:
On Facebook:


I can’t wait to see all of you at POV tomorrow evening and at Stimulate on Saturday! It has been a truly incredible year, and I am already working on several tantalizing projects to keep you all enthralled in 2010… Happy New Year!!! Thank you for all of the support you’ve shown me and my productions. You guys are all apart of my ZOMBIE NATION!!!

In Deviance We Trust,

Lady Zombie [Join as a member today – it’s free!] [Under construction!]
*Professional Model, Singer, Actor, Writer, Dominatrix & Hostess*
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Season's Beatings GIVEAWAY on Fetlife!

Season's Beatings! :-)

FetLife is a FREE Social Network for the BDSM & fetish community. Similar to Facebook and mySpace but run by kinksters like you and me. We think it is more fun that way. Don't you?

The FetLife Family, with the help of their incredibly generous advertisers, are giving away 218 presents this holiday season worth, in total, $24,287… and we want you to win one of them!

Sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you'd like for the kinky holidays. Choose your three favorite toys in Santa's bag.

Important Notes

  • Contest ends on Monday, January 4th, 2010 and winners will be notified by Wednesday, January 6th, 2010.
  • By completing step 2, you are entering to win one of the three gifts that you selected.
  • If you are one of the lucky winners, we will notify you through the email address attached to your profile.
  • If you do not respond to us within one week we will select a new winner for that gift.
  • Shipping & handling costs will be covered by the company you won the gift from.
  • Each company is responsible for the gift(s) that they've donated.
  • Contest details can change at any time and without warning.
  • Only one entry per person, not profile

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Personal Orgasm View 6 "Evil Fairy Tale Ball" 12/17/09


Babylon Entertainment Presents…

Personal OrgasmView VI
The Evil Fairy Tale Ball
An S&M Extravaganza

Hosted by: Lady Zombie

When: Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 10PM – 4AM

Where:Karma Lounge [Downstairs]
51 First Avenue [Between East 3rd and East 4th Streets]
New York City

Closest Train: F Train to 2nd Avenue

Entry Information:
$6 Cover All Night, 21+ to enter!!!
Valid ID is mandatory! [US Passport or DMV issued ID card/license]

Dress code:
FETISH or THEME attire preferred, Gothic attire welcome…
Well dressed in ALL BLACK is a minimum to enter!!!

Spinning the tunes you crave…
DJ Resurrector
DJ Grave of Death
DJ Arsenal

Esteemed Dungeon Mistress of the Evening:
Mistress LaMorta

Skin Pulling Performance by: Father Logan

Custom Fangs by: Ali’s Savage Traits
Special P.O.V. price… $40/set (2 fangs) - Single Sets Only!

Fetish Equipment Provided by:
Felix the Latex Slave

Visuals by: Bane w/Adam When

Jexxx & M.D. Present:
The P.O.V. Sex Swing!
$1 to play! $2 for private session!
What happens on the sex swing, stays on the sex swing!

Celebrating the Birthdays of:
Bella XXX Angel
Knowledge Syn


Monday, November 9, 2009

SUBSPACE - Friday, 11/20 in NYC!

Babylon Entertainment Presents:


An all new decadent Friday night play party in NYC!

FRIDAY, November 20th @ 10PM – 4AM

101 East 2nd Street [Around the corner from Lucky Cheng's]
CLOSEST TRAIN: F train to 2nd Avenue

ENTRY info:
18+ to enter with VALID ID.
$6 cover all night for guests 21+.
$8 cover all night for guests ages 18-20.
PROPER DRESS CODE: Fetish / Gothic / Sexy All Black

Hosted by:
Lady Zombie & Dire Wolf
Also available to deliver discipline & sadism throughout the evening…
If you ask nicely… very nicely… on your knees…etc., etc.,…*evil smile*


FREE Vampire Freaks GIVEAWAYS!!!

Spinning all night:
DJ 5witch.Hitter
DJ Grave of Death
DJ Swabby
DJ Gunnie

Don’t forget to RSVP!
On Facebook:
On Going:
On Fetlife:


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Disorder 11/5 at Don Hills in NYC!

Babylon Entertainment & DJ Tim No37 Present:

The Promotional Pukefest

When: THURSDAY, November 5, 2009
10PM - 4AM

511 Greenwich Street [Corner of Spring Street]
New York City

HOSTED BY: Lady Zombie

21+ with proper ID [ID will be scanned]!!!
Cover charge: $5 all night!!!
NO DRESS CODE [Rock/Goth attire is ALWAYS encouraged]!!!

Vera Beren's Gothic Chamber Blues
All Up in Arms

DJ Tim No37
DJ Gunnie
DJ Frost
DJ 5witch.Hitter

Directions to DON HILLS:


RSVP online:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prejudice in the East Village

Prejudice in the East Village
Written By:
Lady Zombie
October 29th, 2009

The East Village of New York City, and more specifically the street Saint Marks Place, has been an icon of the underground world as far back as I can remember. Even as a little girl, I used to wander the area with my father and marvel at all of the fascinating stores and more so, the strange and beautiful people. I would later grow up to become a figure in their community, known as the Goth scene. Time changes everything, though, and now so many places that were familiar to us are no more.

Last night, it was my fiancé Ali’s birthday, and we headed towards Saint Marks Place and 3rd Avenue to stop by a bar called The Continental, where we had gone with a large group of my rather corporate coworkers only 6 days prior, and where we have visited dozens of times over the years, alone, together, and with plenty of our friends. The Continental is infamous as a rock and roll bar, incredible drink deals and a boisterous patronage. We were dressed as usual, in a lot of leather, and had our IDs out and ready. The next few minutes would prove to be degrading, infuriating and outrageous, to say the least.

The bouncer looked at my ID, and refused to look at Ali’s ID as well, stating, “You do not have a shirt on, so I can’t let you in.” Specifically, Ali was clad in leather pants, leather boots, a leather corset that stops directly underneath his pectorals, and a leather motorcycle jacket. Ali and I exchanged an inquisitive look, and he said to the bouncer, “I was wearing the exact same outfit in here last week, but I can zip up my jacket, it isn’t a problem.” You would think that would appease the bouncer, but he went on to say something that proved his personal prejudice towards us went beyond dress code.

“I know, and I wasn’t so sure I should let you in last week, either. Your look is too extreme for this place,” he declared, making a point to refuse eye contact with either of us. I laughed, utterly astonished, and told the man it was Ali’s birthday. Ali was still holding his ID out to the bouncer, who finalized his judgment by saying, “I am not looking at that, and you’re not getting in here tonight.”

That is accurately, word for word, what was said to us. I recall it vividly, because I have never before been so deeply upset by such a blatant display of injustice inflicted upon some I love dearly. How could this, the bar where Iggy Pop has been a patron, along with countless other famous rockers and those of the alternative society, refuse entry to us? We diplomatically walked away and went elsewhere.

So I ask you now, what has become of the East Village? What has become of Saint Marks Place? How can a rock and roll bar turn away the very people that helped make it what it is today? Prejudice in the East Village… I would have never thought it possible. Thus, I wanted to bring this to your attention, along with a quote from Mr. Franklin Thomas: "One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Halloween Updates!

OCTOBER 28, 2009 Halloween Updates!

Infernal Greetings my sexxxy demons, friends and family!!!

I am writing today to wish all of you a very Happy & Wicked Halloween, and also to update you on some new videos and upcoming events!

*HAUNTED HOUSE NYC: VAMPIRES* You may not be aware, but Ali [Ali's Savage Traits] was the fangsmith for this year's Haunted House NYC: Vampires! Ali is all booked up before Halloween, but if you're interested in a set of custom fangs, email me to book your appointment with him for November. We're attending the Haunted House tonight to celebrate Ali's birthday, and I'll be sure to let you know what I thought, most likely on my Twitter tomorrow!


*VIDEOS* There is a new video available on! It is almost TEN MINUTES long and contains some of the best parts of my August performance at Personal Orgasm View with Felix the Latex Slave! Watch as we display the beauty of submission, domination, wax play and delicious torture! Subscribe to my videos on YouTube, as well!

*EVENTS* I am hosting THREE upcoming events! Personal Orgasm View 5 "Gotham's Kinky Halloween" is tomorrow night, October 29th, at Karma Lounge in NYC (amazing performers, play, music, fetish equipment and special guests). I am co-hosting Le Trample Ez on Friday night, October 30th, from 9PM - 11PM, with the Paradise Lost event following immediately afterwards. We will be celebrating Halloween at Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia. We're bringing November in with a bang, because on November 5th at Don Hills, I will be hosting Disorder - a rock and roll/goth/industrial night feature several of the scenes best DJs and amazing NYC bands such as Vera Beren's Gothic Chamber Blues and All Up in Arms! PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR DETAILS ON LE TRAMPLE EZ and DISORDER!!! I've included the info for POV tomorrow evening here:

Gotham’s Kinky Halloween Bash

When: October 29th, 2009 @ 10PM – 4AM

Presented by: Babylon Entertainment
Hosted by: Lady Zombie
Co-hosted by: Mistress Dominae Drakonis

Where: Karma Lounge [downstairs lounge]
51 First Avenue
Between East 3rd and East 4th Streets
New York City

Cover: $5 before 11PM, $6 after
21+ to enter. Valid ID mandatory [US Passport or current state ID].


Spinning the tunes you crave:
DJ Switchitter
DJ Dyztort
DJ Stalagmike

Special Guest: Mother Unique
Fusion Rope Bondage by: Master Vito
Performance by: Fallen Fayth
Fangs by: Ali’s Savage Traits [$40/set]
Fetish Equipment Provided by: Felix the Latex Slave

And many more kinky surprises throughout the night!!!

On MySpace:
On Facebook:
On FetLife:
On Going:

*PHOTO TO MAKE YOU SCREAM* Here's an image out of the archive by FMA Photo Studio featuring Ali and I!!! I thought it would be suitable... tis the season to make you SCREAM!


*INTERVIEWS* I recently completed an in depth interview with Fetish Cult Sirens that will be available on their website soon! Also, I will soon be featured on the men's site Don't Date Her, Bro! as their Choice Cut gal for Halloween! This might be available as soon as Friday, so be sure to check in and see.

BE SAFE THIS HALLOWEEN, MY DARLINGS!!! And have a HELL of a lot of fun, too! I can't wait to hear all your decadent stories!!!

Hugs, Kisses & Triple Sixes,

Lady Zombie


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Judith Regan Show Appearance on 10/21 by Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith!!!


Ali Fangsmith & I will be appearing LIVE tomorrow on October 21, 2009 on the Sirius Radio broadcast of The Judith Regan Show during her Halloween Roundtable special.

We hope you will make a point to tune in and show your support!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 @ 11PM Est.

1. Have a Sirius XM subscription?
You can listen to the show on Sirius XM Stars, Sirius 102 and XM 155.
2. Don’t have a Sirius XM subscription?
You can sign up for a free week trial here:

We will be on the air sometime between 11PM & Midnight, so make sure you listen to the whole show and the other amazing guests such as: Dacre Stoker, Dennis Hoff , Elizabeth Miller, Timothy Haskell (Haunted House NYC “Vampires”), Joe Laycock and more!!!

Visit the website:

Judith Regan is the founder and CEO of REGAN, a division of HarperCollins Publishers. REGAN is a multimedia company engaged in the production and development of books, television, film, internet and radio content. Known for her innovative, bold, creative and risk-taking style, Regan has published hundreds of best-selling and award-winning authors, including Wally Lamb, Gregory Maguire, Michael Moore, General Tommy Franks, Dr. Barry Sears, Mario Puzo, Nicole Richie, Neil Strauss, Dita Von Teese, Catherine Crier, Ralph Nader, Jess Walter, Bernie Mac, Sean Hannity, Howard Stern, Eminem, Beyoncé, The Rock, Rachel Ashwell, Kelly Wearstler, and many others. The mother of two children, her television ventures have included hosting a talk show on the Fox News Channel and producing for A&E, VH1, CBS, Lifetime, and NBC.



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Night of the Queens S&M Party - TONIGHT in NYC!

Babylon Intertainment & Laurent Lebeau present
the 3rd Edition of Laurent Lebeau's major event:

"The Dark Debauchery"!!!


On FetLife -
On FaceBook -
On Going –
On MySpace –

Opened to all genders & fetishes:
Mistresses, Masters, subjects, Leather, PVC, Latex, Gothic, Vampire, naughty nurse, Kink of all kinds!!!

SPECIAL PROMOTION!!! ONLY $5 cover at the gate!


WHERE: The PYRAMID Club, 101 Avenue A
Manhattan, NYC.
[This is an 18+ venue… valid ID is required to enter]!

Lady Zombie our Hostess
Mistress Cyber
and their fabulous personalities... the NYC Fetish Scene!

DANCE and PLAY all night.
Snacks served all night.
DJ FROST will spin the tunes you CRAVE!

FETISH PLAY EQUIPMENT provided by: Felix the Latex Slave

Foot Fetish play possible with select Mistresses (consult us)!

DRESS CODE STRONGLY ENFORCED - at minimun, please be dress neat & clean in ALL BLACK!

Please contact Lady Zombie or Laurent Lebeau with any questions, and submit your RSVPs ASAP!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goth Cruise 6 "Noir Noir"

Hello my sexxxy demons, friends & family,

Ali and I have returned from Goth Cruise 6 “Noir Noir!” It was an incredible experience… full of romance, decadence, traveling, alcohol, cuisine and so very much more! It was our first time out of the country; our first time on a cruise, our first time meeting the Goth Cruise group… and we really did love every second of it. As promised, I will now proceed to share as much of the experience with you as possible, without boring you too much, I hope! If you don’t want to read about some of our experiences, check out this slideshow or skip to the bottom for a link to the hundreds of beautiful, wicked photos that I have accumulated so far!

Click here to view these pictures larger

We got on a Jet Blue airplane our of JFK airport in NYC on Sunday, September 27th at 10:30AM, and landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at about 1:30PM. The flight itself was awesome (thank you, Valium), and I pretty much spent the time writing in my journal and reading a new book I picked up at Borders before we boarded. Ali dozed off during the flight mostly. How he happily dealt with security stopping him constantly to wand him and search him because of all the metal on him and in his hair, I will never know!

Upon landing and getting our luggage from the carousel (which played music much like a merry-go-round… only in Florida, I swear), we hopped into a yellow cab and made our way to the Holiday Inn Express where we’d be staying for the night. We knew Serge, Karen and her hubby wouldn’t be arriving for another few hours, so after dumping our stuff off in the room, we did what any native New Yorker would do in this situation…. We hunted for the local liquor store!

I should mention that on the walk back from the liquor store (which sold cheese and meats and snacks… it was brilliant!) we got caught in a sun shower, so I had to pull off my flip flops and run on the steamy pavement back to the hotel. Once in our room, I hopped in the shower to clean off my feet, and they weren’t even dirty on the bottom! Had I done that in NYC, my feet would have been jet black and I’d probably have to go get booster shots from various medical doctors! Hah!

For the next several hours we binged on Tostitos, Creamy Spinach Dip and Malibu! On one trip outside to have a cigarette (no, you can’t smoke in Florida hotels either, for the most part), we finally bumped into Serge who was also on his way to the liquor store. Got to love the north eastern US mentality!

Sunday night was the pre-cruise dinner for the Goth Cruisers at a Pirate restaurant in the area. We were picked up by Ken and Nicole in their hearse (yes, their hearse… it was beautiful) and proceeded to the restaurant to meet some of the GC attendees in advance! Of course we drank too much, ate too much, made a ton of friends, and had incredible black out sex back at the hotel that evening (Too much information? I did say I’d recall everything!), still managed to wake up bright and early on Monday morning to check out of the hotel and hop in a cab with everyone to the ports where we would board The Enchantment of the Seas cruise ship!

Our first day on the cruise ship was wonderful! How big was it? I kept comparing it to the Empire State Building, except lying down on its side. Throughout the week, we never even saw the entire ship… there was just too much to do! We explored a bit on day 1, met all the Goth Cruisers at the meet & greet in the uppermost bar on the ship called The Viking Crown (where you could actually smoke inside, whoot!), had our first delicious meal in the dining room, and again, drank too much and had more black out sex (you will note this was a recurring theme with us during the vacation)!

Our second day on the ship, Tuesday September 29th, we docked in our first port of call, Key West, Florida. I am now a huge fan of the Keys! You’d be surprised what a macabre history that place has. The tour we chose was the Haunted House & Legends Tour, and we got to visit many places with heightened supernatural activity all over the Island, visited locations where strange occurrences were even happing to us and appearing in our photos! Joanne, the tour guide, was wonderful, and I have to remember to get some of those photos to her. Captain Tony’s bar was where she left us, and we got to wander the Island for several hours, shopping, drinking in the streets (just like Vegas!) and checking out some wicked fetish shops and “clothing optional” bars!

Tuesday was also our “Film Noir” themed dance, and the cruise formal dinner, so we decked out in our sexy 1930s getup, danced the afternoon away, and ate to our hearts content at dinner! The group photos were taken that evening as well.

Wednesday morning, September 30th, we docked in Cozumel, Mexico! The weather was gorgeous (yes, I mean hot as hell), and our excursion of choice was to go on a horseback riding trip past some Mayan ruins with a free beer bar at the end! Katerina Wylde, who had become our hang out companion at this point, was with us that day, too. Ali’s horse, and my horse “Rambo” just so happened to hate each other with a passion, so we couldn’t ride next to each other. We’re lucky we got them to pose for a photo with us! The tour bus took us back close to the port, and then we hopped in a car to meet Karen, Callie and a few others over at a bar called Carlos & Tony’s (I think that was the name).

This bar was completely wild! The margaritas were half my height tall and the waitresses would pour shots in your mouth, pinch your nipples and spank your butt while blowing whistles! We spent only about 45 minutes there, and let me tell you how trashed we were! I ate a jello shot off of poor Karen (I say poor Karen because I used more fangs than I should have, hehehe), too, and us girls got rather friendly in the heat of the moment. It was fun, don’t judge me!

We had to haul ass back to the port, because we didn’t want to miss the shop, and a terrible storm started (ten foot waves, etc.), and then I couldn’t find my Sea Pass card to get back on the ship! Ali and I were literally soaked to the bone, drunk, and I was panicking, which now is rather funny. It turns out that re-boarding the ship was also delayed because (this is on YouTube if you don’t believe me) our ship got hit by a Carnival cruise ship! The winds became so powerful that they slammed into us, blowing out their portholes and only causing our ship slight external damage. I wasn’t kidding when I joked to my mother about the chances of hitting an iceberg, I suppose.

We spent Thursday, October 1st, in Belize, Central America. The location isn’t so large, so the cruise ship had to drop anchor several miles offshore, and then we boarded a ferry that would take us to the mainland. Our trip for the day was to visit the rainforest where the huge Mayan ruins were located! After that, the plan was to have a unique Mayan lunch while watching a live band! Little did we know we’d be stuck on a bus with no air conditioner for two hours in heat that had to be well over 90 degrees. I’ll tell you right now, it was completely worth it to climb up into the sky atop the gorgeous ruins of temples that have been standing for thousands of years!

A holler monkey got so close to us during this excursion that I swear he was going to jump into Kat’s arms! We posed for me, too… smiling, stretching, and shaking his rather pale testicles at us. It was hilarious and so, so cute. The Mayan lunch did turn out being delicious, and it was there that Ali and I indulged in some delicious Belikin beer, and purchased some local cigarettes, too, which I must say I enjoyed thoroughly! The ride back was scalding hot, and most of us dozed off during the trip!

The first thing on our minds when we got back on the ship that day was a seriously long, cold, luxurious shower! We relaxed for a while and went to our open-bar cocktail hour in the Spotlight Lounge on the ship that evening prior to dinner. That was the beginning of another wonderful night with far too much drinking involved at Viking Crown! I did teach a few people how to dance, and DJ Franz kept yelling, “We’ve got Zombie on the dance floor!” in his heavy Caribbean accent! I also indulged in a little Goth Soup (definition: many Goths squeezed into a hot tub at night) until almost four AM and swam a few laps in the Solarium pools, while Ali slept back in our room.

The last full day on the ship was Friday, October 2nd, and we all slept late that day! Ali and I dragged ourselves upstairs for lunch at the Windjammer Café and trudged back to our room to dress for the last themed dance of the trip, “Future Noir.” Of course Ali and I decked ourselves out in armor, hair halls (Chris said to me, “Zombie, your hair is a celebration!”… It was so sweet, I’ll never forget it!), and shiny clothes for that one! This day went by far too quickly, and before we knew it, dinner had passed, we were all packed up, and having out last drinks of the night with the very friendly bartending staff that even balanced Martini’s on their heads for us!

It was sad to disembark back in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, but alas, time was up. We spent the afternoon at an Irish Pub with Duckie and Autumn before heading back to the airport, though, and that was a lot of fun and a great way to end a truly remarkable vacation. When Ali and I landed in New York that evening, my mom and Tio Eddie were there to take us home. I realized that I had almost missed the cool New York air, the dirty looks and my insane cat, Jinx… almost. :)

All and all, it was a trip we’ll remember forever. “We’re on a boat motha-fuckas!” It was wonderful to meet so many incredible people on the cruise, in the other countries, and all the beautiful Goth Cruise freaks from around the USA and the world! See you guys in 2010!!!

To view photos from Ali & Lady Zombie’s incredible first Goth Cruise experience (if the embedded slideshow doesn't work), please click on the following link:

Hugs, Kisses & Triple Sixes,

Lady Zombie

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith: away on vacation until October 4th!

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for contacting us!

Ali and I will be away on vacation from September 26th - October 4th, 2009 on an amazing Western Carribean cruise! []. During the time we are away, we will both be unreachable via phone, text & email.

We will be returning to work Monday, October 5th. Any requests for S&M sessions, custom fangs, questions about events, booking information, etc., will be dealt with immediately upon our return.

Please be patient, as our responses to the hundreds of messages that will come in while we are away will surely take some time. Also, Halloween season is our busiest so be sure to book your appointments ASAP!!!

Thank you so much for your continued support!


Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith

*Visit our websites & update your free profiles!*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Autumn Updates!

Infernal Greetings, my sexxxy demons, succulent sinners, friends & family!

I hope you all had an incredible summer! I can’t believe that today is the first day of autumn… time flies when you’re living the deviant life of debauchery!

There are so many updates to share with you today!

*Site Updates* -
Stop by’s Videos & Media page, because I have added two new videos to the archive []! The first video is an episode of The Vampyre Lounge, in which Ali Fangsmith interviews me outside of the Personal Orgasm View event I host in New York City. The second new video is a promotional video by Frostbite Productions for the POV fetish party. About 54 seconds into that video, Felix the Latex Slave and I make a cameo from one of our live S&M stage shows!

* Designers* -
Several months back, Marilyn Mansfield & I had a photo shoot with Big Daddy Riley from Evil Brand Clothes []! Those images are now available on their Official Website! From the home page, click on Gallery, then click on Hell’s Kittens, then visit the album titled, “Marilyn Mansfield+Lady Zombie”… enjoy these playful, sexy images of us wearing the latest tanks, tees & jackets from the Evil Brand line!

[Models: Marilyn Mansfield & Lady Zombie. Photographer: Big Daddy Riley, Evil Brand Clothes.]

*Events* -
Coming up this Friday, September 25, 2009, I am co-hosting Le Trample Ez [a private S&M/Foot Worship party] at Le Lupanar [103 Essex Street, off of Delancey Street] in New York City. Ladies interesting in participating, please contact me ASAP for details. Gentlemen, submissives & foot lovers: we will be charging a cover of $15, plus the mandatory purchase of one drink ticket upon entry. Sessions will be $20 for every 10 minutes with an assortment of gorgeous Goddesses & Dominatrices. Visit the Le Trample Ez event page [] for more information & to RSVP!


*Vacation Notice* -
I should mention that Ali and I will be out of town & unavailable [literally, we’re not taking or responding to any calls, texts, emails, etc.] from September 27, 2009 – October 4, 2009. We are going on an overdue romantic getaway called Goth Cruise 6 []! Please be patient with us as it will take some time to reply to all messages and appointment requests that come in during that week we’re away.

*Documentary* -
Recently, I completed shooting with Ms. Jessica Spinelli & her amazing crew on a documentary called, “The Play Room.” It is currently in post production, and the screening is expected to be held in a few months in New York City. I will be updating you all as soon as that date becomes available! Here is an image from a fetish photo shoot that was filmed as apart of the documentary:


[Models: Lady Zombie & Divinorae Elleven. Photographer: Retinal Fetish. Location: Paul Vincent Studios.]

If you haven’t done so yet, create your free membership profile on! To do so, click here:

Trouble accessing any links in this message? Write back & let me know… I’ll be more than happy to direct you to the right place!

Hugs, Kisses & Triple Sixes,

Lady Zombie
*Professional Model, Singer, Actor, Writer, Dominatrix & Hostess*
*Find Me On: Twitter, FetLife, Blogger, MySpace, FaceBook, ModelMayhem & More!*


If you would like to subscribe to receive updates from, The Official Page of Lady Zombie™, regarding upcoming performances, appearances, films, sessions, album releases and so much more, please respond to this blog with your email address! Thank you for joining my site and being apart of my wicked world of decadence, sin and passion for the stranger things in life!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lady Zombie is interviewed by Ali the Beast for THE VAMPYRE LOUNGE show!

Lady Zombie is interviewed by Ali the Beast
for "The Vampyre Lounge" show
outside of Babylon Entertainment's S&M event
Personal Orgasm View 4 "Cyber Sex"
on August 27th in NYC!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Night of the Queens [plus fetish art show] on September 10th in NYC!

Night of the Queens
An all new monthly fetish play gala!

Presented by: Laurent Lebeau [Night of the Queens, Bathory’s Night]
Hosted by: Lady Zombie [Personal Orgasm View, Disorder, Le Trample Ez]
Music by: DJ Monsta [Long Island, NY]

Join U/us for the grand première on September 10, 2009.
The evening will be presented in TWO PARTS!!!

7pm-9pm – Free Art Show Stimulus Party [RSVP required]
Showcasing the Fetish Fem Domme artwork of Laurent Lebeau
All guests will receive one complimentary Rum Punch & appetizers!
Mingle & meet the kinksters of the evening!
Submit your RSVP to Laurent Lebeau or Lady Zombie ASAP!!!
RSVP on FetLife:
RSVP on Going:

10pm-4am – Night of the Queens [S&M + Foot Fetish Gala]
Open to kinksters of all kinds! Cum play with the beautiful NYC Fetish scene!
[Cover charge – support the party and we can create a better kinky experience!]
$15 for woman / $20 for man in fetish attire
$25 for woman / $40 for man street clothes
Submit your RSVP to Laurent Lebeau or Lady Zombie ASAP!!!
RSVP on FetLife:
RSVP on Going:

Fetish/SM play equipment will be provided by:
Felix the Latex Slave
[who will also be on site for the Mistresses amusement]!

Karma Lounge [downstairs]
51 First Avenue
Between East 3rd & 4th Streets
21+ VALID STATE ID or US PASSPORT required to enter.

NIGHT OF THE QUEENS will be a new monthly fetish party presented on the 2nd Thursday of every month in New York City by Laurent Lebeau and Lady Zombie. We hope that you will continue to support us and get kinky! Spread the word to your friends, Dominants, submissives and fetish family!!!



Top Ten Articles on Club DD for August!

Wow - thanks, readers!

Three of my articles are in the top ten now on - wow! I am honored, and I hope that my insight is proving useful to you all in your search for kinky fulfillment!!!


Lady Zombie
"Diary of a Mistress" columnist

PS - Check out the announcement here!!!

Top 10 Articles for the Month of August
Club Double D - Wednesday, 02 September 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disorder 8/20, Stimulate 8/22, POV Cyber Sex 8/27



When: August 20, 2009
When: The symptoms start at 9pm!!!
Where: The infamous PYRAMID CLUB!
101 Avenue A [between 6th & 7th Streets]

The Sound: DJ Arsenal, DJ Dyzort, and DJ Tim No.37
spinning Industrial, Metal, Rock, Darkwave and all the tunes you CRAVE!

Your host for the evening will be Lady Zombie!

The Producers: No Name Entertainment & Babylon Entertainment

***18 to Party, 21 to MEDICATE with VALID ID***
A door fee of $6 will be charged to enter!

CUSTOM FANGS by: Ali’s Savage Traits
Special “DISORDER” Offer – only $40/set (2 fangs)


---------------PLEASE REPOST FOR YOUR FRIENDS---------------------

Saturday - AUGUST 22, 2009
Lady Zombie is a Dungeon Mistress at Stimulate in NYC!

This is the official NIN concert after party!
And it’s a BLACK LIGHT theme!!!



Xris SMack! and Mindswerve Studios present:
[ The Mind, The Body, The Dancefloor ]
Get your Monthly Fix!
Saturday, Aug 22nd, doors at 10pm....

NINE INCH NAILS Aftershow Party!
**Reduced admission with your ticket stub from their NYC show @ Bowery Ballroom around the corner **

--------------> RSVP on MySpace <--------------
--------------> RSVP on Facebook <--------------
==== SOUND ====
"A photo negative opera under blacklight...."

BILE supporting their new CD: "HATE RADIO"

joined by
Philadelphia's EBM Terrorists BODY HAMMER

Birthday Girls LONDON SHADOWS (Capitol Punishment, Flashback, DC) & Bride Of Wire (Underworld),
w/ DasKreestof (Contempt, Digital Murder), Cliff Cage (Suite Abyss) &
Xris SMack! (SMack!, STIMULATE)

=== SIGHT ===
Special Performance by Miss Mischief of the JADED Rubber Party
Video STIMULATION by VJ Curse & The SMack! Video Lab
Art Exhibit by Mistress Melina
UV Body Painting by Andy Golub

and our STIMULATING Go-Go's
Dori-Bot, Trish Von Dish, RogerZOID, Machine Sex & Special guest Keyska

=== TOUCH ===
"Feel The Whip": Dungeon Play Space
w/Dominatrixes Goddess Shea & guests Mistress Deena, Master Vito, and birthday Domme Lady Zombie!
Play Equipment by XXXtreme Fetish

Record Release party for BILE's "Hate Radio" on Bile Style Records

Promotional Giveaways from Dimension Films for
Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN II opening 8/28!!

Ticket Giveaways:
9/6: The Bank 10 Year Anniversary Reunion @ Club Element (formerly The Bank)
9/11: The RuinaTour w/PSYCLON NINE & IMPERATIVE REACTION @ HB in Brooklyn
9/19: STIMULATE's 1 Year Anniversary w/ PROJECT PITCHFORK!
9/24: cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy @ The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY
10/8: HOCICO, LIfe Cried & Panic Lift @ Santos party house
10/31: SMack! Annual Halloween Fetish Ball @ Club Element

=== TASTE ===
Resident Chefs Chris #2 & Lydia Mischief create DayGlow Treats for your Tastebuds!

this months Birthdays:
DJ London Shadows, Tracy/Bride Of Wire, Lady Zombie, Amanda Synesthesia,
Venus Shooting Stars, Jeff Rubber + more!

Dress Code:
UV/BLACKLIGHT reactive Colours (neon, UV green, pink, yelow, ornage) white, etc
BILE: green slime, blood, KY jelley... Demonic Nuns, Evil Priests, devilgirrls...
Fetish (PVC, Leather, Latex..), Steampunk, Cyberpunk/CyberSlut,
Electrohead/Rivithead/Industrial, Gothic, Fashionista, etc, etc... make an Effort!

Obey our Doorgirl: Mandana

CRASH MANSION 199 Bowery @ Spring St, New York City 10002
$10, 21+
Reduced Admission with Nine Inch Nails Bowery Ballroom NYC ticket stub

for more info:

Live Broadcast by WFKU Radio
STIMULATE filmed live by Dead X TV
Original Stimulate Girl Artwork by VX Starshine

Sponsored by
Vampire Freaks : 189 Avenue A between 12/13th Sts. NYC
Gothic Renaissance : 108 4th Ave between 11/12th Sts. NYC
AUDIOLUST Audio + Lighting Specialists

---------------PLEASE REPOST FOR YOUR FRIENDS---------------------

Personal Orgasm View 4 "Cyber Sex"
S&M Party @ Karma Lounge in NYC
AUGUST 27, 2009

Hosted by: Lady Zombie
Co-Hosted by: Naughty NYC Events
Brought to you by: Babylon Entertainment

Featuring DJs:
Damien Plague
Xris SMack! [Stimulate, SMack!]

Cyber Go-Gos
Mistress Sindell

Lady Zombie displays Corporal Punishment

Our first ever MAN VS WOMAN orgasm race...

CUSTOM FANGS [Ali's Savage Traits] $40/single set
BODY PIERCINGS [Party Crashing Penguins]
SYNTHETIC DREDFALLS [Sweet Madness Designs]

Cover: $5 before 11PM, $6 after
Dress Code: Gothic, Fetish, Cyber, All Black minimum
IDs: 21+ with VALID state ID or PASSPORT
[bouncers will SCAN your ID]

51 First Ave B/T 3rd & 4th Streets
F TRAIN to 2nd Avenue
Smoking [tobacco only] allowed inside the venue!!!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Consensual Rape Scenes in Sexual Role-Play [Plus a Special Announcement]!!!

Hello my sexxxy demons,

My latest "Diary of a Mistress" article is now available on In this piece, I discuss the widely controversial topic of Consensual Rape Scenes in Sexual Role-Play.

I look forward to your feedback:


And a very special announcement as well!!!

TWO of my "Diary of a Mistress" articles made the TOP 10 most read!!! Check out this link to see the announcement!!!

Thank you for all of your continued support.

In kink & deviance we trust,

Lady Zombie

PS - My other articles,
"Erotic Bondage - Why Knot?"
"Whip It Good - The Art of Flogging"
"Medieval Torture, Modern Day"
”S&M Party Etiquette”
”NYC Fetish Marathon Weekend”
are also still available! Have you read them yet?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Vote for Me [Dean Guitars Centerfold Contest]!!!

Dean Girl Contest
Hello My sexxxy demons,

I am in a contest to be the next Dean Guitars centerfold,
but I need your votes to win.
Please click the link above to cast your vote for Me!
It would rock if you asked your friends to place a vote for Me as well.

Hugs, Kisses & Triple Sixes,

Lady Zombie

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 Is Back Up & Running!

Hello everyone,

Lady is back up and running! I apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause any of you, especially those of you who are featured on my Links page. Currently, I am considering switching hosting sites to one that provides better customer service and won't simply allow my site to be down for a friggin' week!

If you have a chance, please visit for a little while today. I am trying to get my stats back up to where they were prior to the site crash.
[Photo insert taken at my 23rd birthday party at Necromantic after the cake cutting!]

Hugs, Kisses & Triple Sixes,

Lady Zombie

Sunday, August 2, 2009 Temporarily Disabled!

Infernal Greetings my sexxxy demons, is temporarily disabled, and should be back up in a couple of days at the most. I appreciate your patience!

To reach me, you may contact me through here or my official myspace page ( or my official facebook page (

Yeah, my official website is off. Why? Because my hosting service is a bunch of incompetant idiots! I am truly fuming... so much for a two week renewal grace period. At least I am having an amazing week off and an even more terrific birthday weekend! [Photo taken at NECROMANTIC at my birthday party on Saturday]. Depeche Mode concert tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden... can't wait. :)


Lady Zombie

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lady Zombie's Birthday Party - August 1st @ Necromantic!

I am inviting you to my 23rd Birthday Party!


Lady Zombie’s Birthday Party

Celebration Details:

When: Saturday, August 1st
11:30PM – 4AM

To be held at: NECROMANTIC
[An evening of Goth & Wave]
An amazing party created for those
who possess a gothic sensibility,
a penchant for darkness,
and an enthusiasm for all things macabre.

Door Info: $8 with Flyer / $10 Without Flyer
21+ with a valid ID
Print out a flyer if you cannot find a hard copy in Manhattan!
Tell the door person you’re there for Lady Zombie’s Birthday.

Location: Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery (Between Houston and Bleecker)
F train to 2nd Ave [or the 6 train to Bleecker]

Featuring Legendary DJs:
Father Jeff, Patrick, Aengel & Templar
At Necromantic we dance with enough passion
to raise the dead from their graves!

Dress Code:
Gothic, Fetish, Neat & Stylish All Black is acceptable.


Hugs, Kisses & Triple Sixes,

Lady Zombie


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PETA Elephant Abuse Video

I have always loved the circus.

The glamourous performers... and most of all, the animals! I thought, "How lucky those trainers are to be surrounded by and work with such beautiful and graceful creatures!" I don't think that anymore...

PETA Elephant Abuse Video

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Le TRAMPLE~EZ [July 31st in NYC]

Greetings foot lovers & submissives of the NYC area!

I would like to invite you to…

A fetish pre-party presented by Sanctuary Events NYC & Paradise Lost.
JULY 31st, 2009 from 7-10PM

Foot Worship, Shoe Worship & Fetish/S&M Play Sessions
Available with many of NYC’s TOP Foot Goddesses & Pro-Dommes!


$15 to enter
[with the MANDATORY purchase of 1 beverage ticket upon entry]
This is a PRIVATE play event! 21+ w/ID ONLY!!! RSVPs Encouraged!!!
Relax in the comfort of like-minded fetishists!

$20 for every 10 MINUTE foot worship, trampling, or S&M session
With the available Foot Goddess or Domina of your choice!

OLD GUARD meaning: no overt nudity by extra foot models, no drunken sessions by Pro-Dommes, no exchanging of bodily fluids, limited exposure "within reason" by all (covered nipples, panties on during suffocation sessions, etc.). These rules will be in effect until 10PM.

Thank you for helping us create a safer, stimulating, collaborative fetish experience!

(The following Goddesses will be available for sessions as well!!!)

Lady Zombie [also known as Mistress Eden on]
Photobucket Photobucket

Mistress LaMorta
Photobucket Photobucket

Mistress Sasha
Photobucket Photobucket

We shall be hosting Le TRAMPLE~EZ @ Le Lupenar.
103 Essex Street, near Delancey Street, NYC. J, M, Z, F trains to Essex & Delancey Streets.

***All guests who attend Le TRAMPLE~EZ are welcome to stay & join us in SANCTUAIRE PRIVE from 10 pm until closing.***
PLEASE wear neat, all black attire, or bring appropriate clothing to change into later if you desire to remain with us for the remainder of the evening.