Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Performance Videos!!!

I can’t wait to see you all at some of the upcoming events we have planned for you (all the details in the previous blog), and I’m sorry that we’ll miss P.O.V., but please go anyway and show your continued support! Here are the links to several awesome new videos of performances that I haven’t had the chance to share with you yet! There are many others that are still being edited which I hope to send out to you soon.

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Limousine Syndrome "Sex as a Weapon" Featuring Lady Zombie (Live in NYC 4.9.11)
Limousine Syndrome LIVE at Stone Tavern in Whitestone, New York. "Sex As A Weapon" featuring: Lady Zombie. Thank you to everyone who was there showing love, incredible support, and getting drunk with us!

Lady Zombie Performs “Caramel” with Ali Fangsmith at Nurse Bettie (8.31.11)
Lady Zombie performs her Suzanne Vega tribute "Caramel" with Ali Fangsmith at the weekly NYC burlesque event: Honi Harlow presents NURSE BETTIE "Spanking the Lower East Side." No matter what happens, the show must go on! ;-)

Lady Zombie Performs “Caramel” at Harlow’s Hide-a-way (9.11.11)
Lady Zombie performs her Suzanne Vega tribute "Caramel" at the monthly NYC burlesque event (2nd Sundays at Ella Lounge): "Harlow's Hide-a-way."

Lady Zombie & Venus Pain Present: Geisha Fetish (Featuring Jazmin) 9.16.11
Lady Zombie and Venus Pain perform "Geisha Fetish" Featuring Jazmin - a Burlesque/S&M crossover stage show that tells the story of two Geisha being worshiped by a seductive "schoolgirl" and then doing battle to see who claims her. See the dramatic ending! Presented at the monthly themed fetish party Subspace held at Bento Burger, NYC's futuristic Asian Roadhouse.

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