Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Listen to the Podcast - Lady Zombie is interviewed on NAUGHTY BITS

DISCLAIMER: Mature Audiences ONLY!!!
If you're sensitive, do NOT listen to this.

Heather and Aden welcome Dominatrix and model Lady Zombie. We discuss the details of her business, her personal fetishes, and exploiting the comedy of erotic human foibles. Entailed in the conversation is the necessary information to get in contact with Lady Zombie. Join the fun, as Heather and Aden dip their toes into the dungeon of S&M.


Heather Height said...

It fun to listen to me get increasingly drunk over the course of two hours. LOL!

Lady Zombie said...

You and me (and Aden) all get more drunk as the minutes pass, but it's sweet. I actually listed to the whole thing last night while I was online promoting some upcoming events. It was a really good show. Funny, fuckin' wildly inappropriate, and enticing.

I would work with you guys anytime in the future. (And, you're hot.) *grins*