Monday, February 15, 2010

A Meal, Some Wolves & Manhattan

At this point, most of us in “the lifestyle” comprehend what Valentine’s Day is based on originally, before it became something marketable, anyway. A day based on a Saint’s beheading for performing the rights of marriage to Roman soldiers. Lovely, isn’t it?

I think so… I think it’s a macabre holiday, and I enjoy that most people aren’t aware of it.

Although the whole “flowers and candy” thing is nice in its own right, I always loved something a bit unique. I can always count on Ali to make any day special. This past Valentine’s Day was no exception.

I got dressed Sunday afternoon with absolutely no clue as to what Ali had planned. In the years we have been together, I usually make the plans… so this was, to say the least, rather exciting and unusually mysterious, even for him.

Once out of the house, already feeling nice from a few glasses of the Italian strawberry liquor I’d gotten us the night before inside our systems, he lead the way to our first destination… True Blue Tattoo. He proceeded to procure a new ball for one of my earrings (the other had gone missing some time ago) from the artists working there that day. I found it very thoughtful of Ali to remember that I needed a replacement.

As you know, I’m a Leo, and Leos like to know what’s going on at all times. I couldn’t stop asking where we were going next, and the only reason I acquired this information was because my darling couldn’t remember how to get to the local theater. We haven’t gone to a movie in a while, so I was extremely pleased.

Ali purchased our tickets to The Wolfman, and we had drinks and a meal at Chili’s until the time our flick was due to start. Being a holiday, the theater house was packed, and we had to sit pretty close to the front. Let’s just say that at that distance from the screen, the gore and transformation sequences were exhilarating!

We went home to thaw out, since the evening was significantly colder than the afternoon, and I gave Ali his presents. A Wolfman figurine from Forbidden Planet and a hardcover of the graphic novel version of Guilty Pleasures, both of which he loved. Ali isn’t an easy one to shop for, since he requires nothing, but I like when I make the right choice for him!

He snuck a phone call in the bathroom for the address of our next stop… Sin Sin Lounge in Manhattan where SNOG was being held that evening. Everyone we knew there dispersed quickly for the Vampire Ball, and we ventured to St. Marks Place for a few more drinks at the Irish Pub before calling it a night.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, full of wonderful surprises. Thank you, Ali. I had a great time, and I love you dearly!

DISCLAIMER: This post has been edited to exclude all the amazing sex that was had! *wicked grin*


foxyvampira{LZ} said...

It sound like a very lovely evening. i am very happy for You both Mistress...You two were made for eachother...i heart You both

Oculus said...

Wonderful!!! Rhea and I had a lovely dinner as well..amongst other things :).

Lady Zombie said...

@foxy - And We heart you, My lovely slave.

@Oculus - I am curious about the "amongst other things"... *winks*

Rhea Nekhebet said...

::: licks lips ::: @ Other things.

Maybe we should invite you next time.

~ Rhea

Lady Zombie said...

Would be an honor!!!

Dorothy said...

awww, thats the best part ^.^

*evil grin*

and it probably contributed to the memories..*warmth and fuzziness*

Lady Zombie said...

Dorothy, I shall just say that it was had several wonderful times. LOL. In several interesting ways. :)